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The internet has become an integral part of people's lives and covers a huge audience. People use search engines to find information, services, goods and more. To find out about your company, shop, petrol station, etc. - you have to take your place in the World Wide Web. For this you need a quality web resource. A business that is not presented on the Internet, as if it does not exist, few people know about it.

BizUpLab specialists told about the most common types of websites that can be used for business.

5 most common types of business websites

This is a one-page website designed to attract the visitor's attention and encourage a specific action, such as buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter. Lending usually has a simple and attractive design and focuses on a single offer or product. They are often used for promotions and marketing campaigns.

All the important information is on one page. As a result, the user's attention is not scattered as it would be on a traditional website with multiple sections. They guide the visitor from product introduction to purchase by listing benefits, case studies and testimonials - everything that motivates them to buy. That's why, while a regular website may have a conversion rate of 1-3%, a landing page can have a conversion rate of up to 16%. However, loans are almost impossible to promote through SEO, so they must be promoted through advertising. Lending is best used if you have a main website but want to increase the effectiveness of contextual or targeted advertising.
Online Shop
An online platform designed to sell goods and services online. It usually includes a product catalogue, an ordering system, a shopping basket and a payment facility. Online shops can be specialised, such as selling only electronics, or they can offer a wide range of products. This allows customers to shop conveniently from anywhere in the world.

An online store can be promoted in a variety of ways: SEO, social networks, contextual advertising, etc. However, it should be understood that search engines are more likely to give the sites of large shops in the first lines of results. This does not mean that it is impossible to make your online shop popular. Yes, marketplaces have a wide range of goods, but if a person needs to find something specific, such goods can often only be presented in specialised online shops. Therefore, the most important factors for success are convenient functionality, availability of various delivery and payment methods, and reasonable prices.

Business card page
This is a small website that presents information about a company, services or personal information. It usually consists of a few pages, containing basic information about the company, contact details and possibly a portfolio or photos. Business card sites are often used for personal branding, showcasing the services of freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Promotion of such a resource is usually not very successful because there is not much information on it. Another drawback is the limited functionality. Of course, it can be expanded to become a full-fledged resource, but this option should be considered beforehand, as it depends on the technical equipment of the site.

Corporate website
This is a complete website designed to present information about a large company, organisation or institution. It usually includes sections on the company's history, mission, goals, products or services, news, contacts and ways to interact with visitors. Corporate websites can be complex in structure and have different features such as user permissions or content management systems.

Sections provide detailed information. In the About section, tell who you are, what you do and list your benefits. Service and product sections provide as much detail as possible. It is important to have a separate page with all the ways people can contact you. Include a separate section to showcase your successful case studies. A testimonials section is a must: in text, photo, video, audio formats. If your company is developing and you have something to share with customers, investors, partners and just visitors to the site, then create a "company news" section. You can promote such a page by any means.

Promo Site
This is a temporary site created to promote a specific product, event or promotion. It is usually of limited duration and is designed to attract the attention and interest of the target audience. Promo sites can contain product information, benefits, special offers, registration forms or "buy now" buttons. They are used to inform audiences about promotions, contests, etc. that the company is running. They help to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take specific actions. Promo sites are used as a complement to the main web resource.
What to consider when developing a website. Tips from BizUpLab
- Purpose and target audience. Decide what you want to achieve with the website and who your target audience will be. This will help determine the functionality and design of the site.
- Design and usability. Consider the visual design of the site, its usability and navigation. The design should be attractive and consistent with your brand identity.
- Adaptability and mobile compatibility. Make sure the site looks and works well on a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
- Content and SEO. Think about the site's content and search engine optimisation (SEO). Quality content will help attract visitors and improve your site's position in search results.
- Security and privacy. Ensure that your website is secure and that users' data is protected. Update your website software regularly and use an SSL certificate to encrypt information.
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