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A faulty application or a poorly functioning software product often causes customer dissatisfaction, problems with customers and affects the reputation of the company. You should not take the risk of trusting software development to unverified firms, single-handed people and freelancers.
Custom software development
BizUpLab creates software solutions for communication services aimed at efficient coordination of all enterprise departments in order to scale it in a single information space.
Integration of communication services into one comprehensive programme
In order to organise efficient and user-friendly accounting as well as to automate business processes, it is important to properly design and implement customer relationship management systems (CRM) and functional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.
Development and Integration of CRM, ERP systems
Data processing and integration
Working with large volumes of data, transferring and managing information that is in operational use or has been stored on company drives and servers for many years, is quite a complex task. BizUpLab will help you process and merge your business data from different sources and then integrate it for further storage and use.
Today's market is increasingly dependent on technology and digital solutions. Without constantly adjusting all business systems to the external environment, it has become impossible to stay ahead of the competition and lead the business.
Software testing and quality control
AI and machine learning
The era of AI-enabled algorithms is upon us. And as AI becomes more efficient by the day, it's important to keep up. The benefits of AI are obvious - it is, of course, greater productivity, faster performance, reduced costs and infinite scalability.
Web applications do not need to be installed on the user's computer. This is a huge advantage over traditional software products. With modern and engaging web applications, automate workflows, scale business solutions, entertain users and educate customers.
Developing web applications
UI/UX Design and digital content creative development
BizUpLab creates interesting, intuitive and accessible interfaces that present all the necessary and clear information in a simple and accessible way. Predictable controls make it easy to navigate through the pages of a website or application.
Today, more than half of global web traffic is generated by mobile devices. We use them to communicate, text and share news on social media, place orders, manage bank accounts and even plan for the future. That's why mobile app development is one of our top priorities.
Mobile app development
Cloud software development services
Cloud application development offers incredible business opportunities, but successfully migrating data to the cloud requires serious planning and a comprehensive approach. You can't do without experienced professionals to make this happen.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to include millions, if not billions, of connected devices generating an unfathomable amount of sensor data in a few years' time. The success of any IoT device depends on the consistency of its connectivity to both the cloud and other hardware.
Internet of Things
Software development and big data analytics services
Serious work with big data requires an infrastructure that can handle huge volumes of structured and unstructured data in real time, ensuring its confidentiality and security.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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