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Develop software quality and creativity can only professionals, their skills and results are time-tested. BizUPLab Kft. for many years engaged in the development of complex software products, extraordinary applications and large-scale corporate IT solutions.
Programming languages C++, Python, SQL, used by BizUPLab development team, allows us to write software of any complexity, ensuring reliability and high performance of the developed product.
Upon completion of the development, BizUPLab undertakes further testing, development, optimization and marketing of the created software.
Our highly skilled professionals develop integrated products for customers' business, take over project management, integrate API data between different types of equipment and create solutions for communication services, CRM and ERP systems. We offer a massive data processing service provided by an affordable and scalable cloud computing system, which does not require expensive maintenance.
BizUPLab Kft. analyses, audits and evaluates software quality, develops testing and process automation strategies.
For each project we form a team of specialists with relevant skills and experience.
We create interactive and dynamic web applications for computers, tablets and smartphones. Their performance is independent of the operating system and the browser chosen by the user.
In our work BizUPLab Kft. uses the principles of flexible software development, producing the most viable and useful IT product.
The company offers a full cycle of engineering work: from analyzing the functionality of production facilities to software development and its integration into the production capacity of the customer. We are especially proud of the implemented low-cost projects of production modernisation. Their result is a systematic change in the processes and operation of plants.
Technical support of the developed product helps to increase customer loyalty, increase profits and quickly detect serious failures. Each member of our team is a talented specialist who generates unusual and professional solutions. Our software solutions benefit society and develop international businesses.
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BizUPLab Kft.
1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 66. 3. em. 4.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 66. 3. em. 4.
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