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The use of the latest achievements in various programming languages allows you to create unique solutions, both for the most extraordinary and banal tasks. BizUpLab - successfully uses modern technologies to quickly solve emerging problems
C and C++ are still the main languages of many operating systems, browsers and video games. C++ has imperative, object-oriented and general programming functions and is widely used for software development. As a mid-level language, it has an advantage when writing low-level applications (drivers, cores) and higher-level applications (games, GUI, desktop applications, etc.). Most of the chips present inside smart devices are programmed with C or C++, providing optimal performance. C++ is used on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac.
The C++ language, around which all modern programming languages revolve, was developed as an improvement of the C language and is one of the most used languages in the history of computer science.
Java is incredibly popular for features that make it one of the most stable, complete and reliable languages for building complex systems - for example, LinkedIn is written in Java. This allows developers to create code that runs on any system, regardless of architecture or platform. According to Oracle, Java-based applications are installed on more than 7 billion devices!
Java is adaptive and platform independent, used in all types of applications, such as mobile applications (Android is based on Java), desktop applications, web applications, client-server applications, enterprise applications and many others. Java is not considered a purely object-oriented language, since it provides support for primitive data types (for example, int, char, etc.).
Despite being over 30 years old, Java is still one of the most reliable and widely used programming languages.
Unlike most programming languages, JavaScript has no concept of input and output. It is designed to work as a scripting language in a host environment. The most common host environment is a browser. Known as the scripting language for web pages. It is also used by many non-browser environments. The advent of JavaScript made it possible to create dynamic websites.
JavaScript is present in most of the Internet. It is a popular, lightweight, interpreted, and compiled programming language for both client-side and server-side development.
Node.js is an open source cross-platform system built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine that allows developers to write code and server scripts outside the browser. This allows developers to create web applications not only on the client side, but also use it as a server-side programming language. Node.js is used to create internal services such as APIs, web applications, or mobile applications.
One of the most revolutionary JavaScript environments of the last decade.
High performance and easy to use. While on the remote server, during the execution of the script, interprets the information, processes it and returns the result to where the request was generated.
PHP is multi-platform, that is, it can be used both in unix environments (Linux, Mac OSX) and in Windows. However, the most commonly used combination remains LAMP, i.e. Linux as an operating system, Apache as a web server, MySQL for databases, and PHP.
PHP is one of the most common and complete scripting languages that is widely used for developing web applications, the "PHP hypertext preprocessor."
Using a huge list of Python functions helps to speed up applications and effectively combine its systems. Python is widely used for universal programming, web application development, and related components. It can be easily integrated with other technologies, providing high software performance throughout the development lifecycle.
A powerful and reliable object-oriented programming language that allows you to write software of any complexity quickly and elegantly.
Because of its ease of use and efficient way of organizing, querying, manipulating, and deleting SQL data, SQL is popular with database users. Ideal for medium to low complexity software development, ensuring reliability and high performance.
This is a subject-oriented language that is used to communicate with relational database management systems.
AWS services, solutions, and cloud products to build complex, flexible, scalable, and reliable applications. It gave impetus to the rapid development of Amazon web services in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and serverless computing.
Amazon web services
A popular and secure cloud platform that provides services for cloud computing, storage, information transfer, and more than 200 full-featured services available in data centers around the world.
Two main technologies are used to create web pages - hypertext markup language to describe the structure of HTML web pages and cascading CSS style sheets. CSS describes how items should be displayed on screen, on paper, in speech, or on other media.
HTML provides page structure, CSS provides visual and audio layout for various devices. Along with graphics and scripts, HTML and CSS are the basis for creating web pages and web applications. CSS is HTML-independent and can be used with any XML-based markup language.
Companies can efficiently "rent" Microsoft Azure, use hardware resources to create virtual machines, develop and run web applications, intelligent client applications and XML web services. This enables businesses to reduce equipment costs. Azure allows you to easily add or remove computing resources, provides increased flexibility in work that cannot be obtained using the services of ordinary local data centers.
Microsoft Azure
One of the most affordable cloud computing platforms, which includes servers, storage, databases, networks, analytics, and more.
Swift should gradually replace Objective-C, which has been used to develop iOS applications for more than 20 years. Apple claims Swift has incorporated the best features and functionality of modern programming languages such as C #, JavaScript, Python, Rust and Go. At the moment, it is possible to develop "mixed" projects with code on Swift and Objective-C, calling functions and classes on both sides.
Swift is a concise, typed, effective programming language from Apple, which has been developing it for about 4 years under the strictest secrecy and introduced it during the World Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 2, 2014.
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