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Back in 2001, a group of developers published the Agile Manifesto, a document defining four key values that they believed all software developers should use. Since then, the entire IT business world, some smoothly, some not so smoothly, began to implement Agile methodology into the work and life of their firms.
One of the main ideas put forward by Agile Manifesto is that development team should accept and welcome any changes in the project that the customer makes, even if that project has been in development for a long time. According to Agile methodology, this gives the IT enterprise a huge competitive advantage, because the main goal of any business is a quality product and a satisfied customer.

BizUPLab Kft. and the values of Agile

Then, if you accept that the terms of reference and the vision of the project may change, you should not delay in starting the work and you should not spend too much time on the evaluation and planning of the project at the beginning. At the same time, the project itself should be divided into small tasks, the intervals between cycles before release should be small, and the developer should not be overloaded with unnecessary or unneeded tasks.
Agile development uses an iterative, incremental approach. If planned tasks cannot be completed in the current cycle, work is reallocated by priority.
Agile methods are best suited to projects that require continuous improvement and need the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.
The goal of each Agile cycle is to produce a show-ready product that can be presented to the customer, this gives excellent feedback and demonstrates progress in execution. All recommendations that developers receive after the release from customers and end users are accepted to be used in the next iteration. In today's dynamic market, where software development must be fast and efficient, it is optimal and profitable to apply Agile methodologies to the work. Since each cycle has a fixed period of time, project timelines are easier to predict.
Any developer knows how difficult it is to work on a project where the work of the team is not tracked and coordinated, there is no data about the timing of the product, it is not clear how effective each person involved in the process is.
The Agile methodologies used by BizUPLab Kft. help increase the speed of software development, co-ordinate collaboration and enable quick reaction to market trends.
Four Agile values
- People and their interactions are more important than processes and tools
- working software is primary, detailed documentation is secondary
- cooperation with the customer is more important than the letter of the contract and negotiation
- React to change, not follow a plan
The Agile approach to software development suggests that IT enterprises, as often as possible, hold releases, show the customer new versions of the product, break tasks into short periods of work (sprints).
Agile Manifesto is relevant even today, BizUPLab Kft. applies Agile methodology in its work, always keeps client oriented, accepts his requests, and is not afraid of changes in the working process. At the same time BizUPLab Kft. management is able to recognize each team member's contribution to the common cause, understand their efficiency and contribution to the software development process. Agile increases the personal responsibility of everyone, disciplines them, encourages them to create clean and beautiful code.
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