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If your business goals today are to make a profit and beat your competitor, you will start to fall behind tomorrow and lose after tomorrow! Global changes and strategic marketing benchmarks are necessary for a successful business and to work for the future. Therefore, streamlining production processes, reducing costs and increasing productivity come first. Old processes are time-consuming, increase the workload and prevent the business from growing and achieving up-to-date and clear KPIs at the working level.
Digitalization of processes affects all stages of product creation. Without automation of equipment operations, production steps and processes, supply chain and logistics, a business cannot be competitive.

Developing app for business automation

The way to go nowhere is to leave outdated processes in place while maintaining the status quo. Businesses around the world are desperately trying to find sustainable ways to run their businesses.
BIZupLab Kft. develops automated mobile and software applications.
Apps for workflow automation
The success of any business decision depends entirely on the ability to organize data and extract intelligent information.
A great way to understand where and what you need to automate in your business is to clearly understand how you get the data you then use. Track how: data collection, integration, centralization, analysis, and visualization occur. You should find out which processes are manual or repetitive. Then decide if it's worth building an automation application that can be applied to one or more of these processes, whether it will result in cost and time savings.
Data collection automation applications
Data collection is most often a manual process. For example, when your employee sends invoices, photos, notes, or fills out spreadsheets in Google Docs via messenger. All these processes are not connected by a single application, and the process itself is quite time-consuming. Information is scattered, and the enterprise ends up operating in an out-of-date, routine data collection system that is costly and cannot be properly stored and systematized.
Creating a single app or portal for automatic data collection simplifies the task. A mobile app can provide a single format for data collection, automatically storing the data. The end result is data collection at a speed you couldn't have dreamed of before.
Using apps with intelligent document recognition (IDR) allows you to sort documents and view key data points using optical character recognition (OCR).
BIZupLab Kft.'s Mobile App for Field Services allows field employees to interact with data in the company's shared system, informing the back office of work being done in the field by periodically synchronizing data with the server.
Data centralization and integration applications
How do you bring together data that is hosted in different systems? Combine information from IoT devices with what's manually entered by field workers and, for example, customer cards. These are completely different sets of data and combining them without automation is nearly impossible.
Using a web-based application with a synchronization portal to connect their data sources helps companies avoid redundant and time-consuming data management tasks. Integrating and centralizing data enables the use of application programming interfaces (APIs).
Data integration software applications can be implemented to integrate various web applications, such as Quickbooks, Google Docs, SAP, and any data that is analyzed together and in a single system.
Data visualization and analysis applications
When working with data, visualizing it, presenting the information in a clear graphical form, and analyzing it becomes critical. Data visualization identifies patterns, trends and correlations that often go unnoticed in traditional numeric reports and spreadsheets. Applications turn complex data into easy-to-understand dashboards.
BIZupLab Kft. creates Windows applications and dashboards using technologies such as Microsoft, Angular, Tabler.
In any business, you can find quite a few processes that waste employee time and company money. Doing more with less can be done with automated applications, which can be ordered from trusted IT companies.
BIZupLab Kft. creates cross-platform Iocnic solutions that cut client development and support costs in half and enable rapid and inexpensive creation of a functional mobile application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Native app development is performed in Java and Kotlin for Android, Objective-C and Swift for iOS.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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