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Modern IT solutions require new approaches that link the efforts of those who create and address the claims of those who exploit, connecting product and production, IT and business. It is hard to imagine that we once lived without DevOps.
DevOps brings together development and operation, process and technology, client and customer. It is a set of methodologies and tools that automates enterprise production processes and technologies, coordinates the activities of previously disparate departments, and consistently brings a quality product to market. DevOps has expanded into both testing (QAOps) and security (DevSecOps).

DevOps as a Service

BizUPLab Kft. designs, develops and integrates DevOps solutions and practices into the customer's business, adapts them for specific purposes, monitors applications at all stages of the life cycle.
The DevOps strategy is shaped by three core principles: continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. This approach helps reduce testing costs, automates certain quality control and deployment processes, and accelerates the creation of releases.
Continuous integration (CI) allows all changes in the code to be taken into account and provides for frequent updates of the code repository. The code is continually integrated into the application, adding new features and/or fixes on a selected schedule.
Continuous Delivery (CD) is the process of deploying applications to production environments. During this stage, code is built into the build artefacts and all subsequent changes are made during testing and tuning. The release of new versions of software is fast and continuous.
Continuous deployment is the process of automatically releasing software, followed by maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of applications.
In this way, DevOps teams can perform frequent code changes, create builds for testing, and ultimately bring new versions of the software to market.
End-to-end automation allows code to be written that automatically replicates the actions performed when the system is used manually. BizUPLab Kft. developers use most of the well-known platforms including AWS, Azure, Alibaba to create software.
Software bundling, configuration automation, deployment and infrastructure management is done with Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Serverless Framework.
BizUPLab Kft. uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC), one of the main concepts of automation of deployment and change of DevOps infrastructure, which helps efficiently maintain customer virtual machines and networks, preventing so called environment drift. Environment drift is the dissonance between the test environment and the production environment when, as a result of testing, small bugs that were not detected cause problems already at the production stage, delaying the entire cycle and requiring additional funds for fixes.
BizUPLab Kft. can deploy virtual servers, run preconfigured databases, network infrastructure, storage systems, load balancers and any other cloud service we may need.
As with end-to-end automation, there are both platform and cross-platform IaC tools. AWS CloudFormation will be able to help with IaC as well as Azure Resource Manager and Google Cloud Deployment Manager.
Cloud adoption is fundamentally changing the way DevOps applications are built, deployed and operated. BizUPLab Kft. builds project infrastructure, optimizes development performance and efficiency based on Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud platforms.
DevSecOps is a separate business line that is responsible for security in DevOps as a Service. It stipulates that all security measures are planned at the very beginning of the development cycle rather than at other later stages. This significantly reduces development costs and increases system reliability.
DevSecOps: detection and prevention of major cloud security threats, prevention of DDoS attacks, investigation of potential vulnerabilities in the system, regular security and compliance testing, VPN firewall configuration.
By instilling a culture of DevOps the development, quality, security teams are aligned when creating a new product, responding quickly to customer needs.
BizUPLab Kft. handles software product maintenance, accelerates product launch, automates updates and scaling, builds CI/CD processes, configures cloud migration, implements containers, automates infrastructure deployment.
DevOps solutions include:
- Automating software build, installation and release;
- improving existing solutions and proposing new ones;
- implementation of monitoring tools;
- automation of updates;
- scripting, creation of documentation;
- solutions for combining systems under development with those already in use;
- Finding the causes of failure and eliminating them.
If you need advice on your business automation, cloud strategy, cybersecurity, operational optimization and expert advice on Azure, AWS, GCP and Alibaba Cloud, contact BizUPLab Kft.
Perfect DevOps is a process where the BizUPLab Kft. IT team develops software strictly according to customer and user requirements, deploys it by applying IaC, CI/CD and data monitoring tools without spending too much time and money.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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