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Outsourcing IT projects is an efficient and cost-effective solution for most small and medium-sized businesses. Choosing the right IT partner and external development team is not an easy task. How do you build trust and get results? In this article, we will look at some common communication issues between client and contractor that should be addressed during the TOR discussion phase.

Often a company needs full stack support, from digitising data to building mobile apps and ensuring maximum website performance. What does your company need when hiring an IT outsourcing partner?

Тrust. How to choose a software development partner

Lack of trust
Often, the client does not understand the level of specialists required to effectively develop his project? In order to make everything clear and transparent, the client must have a clear understanding at the negotiation stage: how many people will be involved, their level of qualification and work experience. It is worth studying the portfolio of previous projects in detail, getting to know the team personally and asking questions.
Scope of Work and Performance Monitoring
How do you know if the work on a project is being done within the agreed scope of work? This is a common concern. The client wants to know all the nuances. The problem is easily solved using various project management techniques. The contractor provides step-by-step reports on the work performed, and makes regular interim demonstrations that the project is progressing in line with the client's expectations and the agreed scope.

Team Qualification
The client is concerned that the project may involve developers with lower qualifications than agreed. Is it possible that junior level developers will be hired for the project instead of the contracted senior level specialists? Yes, unfortunately. Even in such a serious business as IT development there are fraudsters and dishonest executors. That's why it's necessary to establish clear criteria for hiring and qualification of developers to be involved in the project at the stage of negotiation and signing of the terms of reference. The contract should specify the requirements for the composition of the team, the level and experience of the developers. The development company should provide guarantees that these requirements will be met. Technical interviews with developers can also help the customer to assess their skills and level of competence.
The first months
It is not uncommon for conflicts and misunderstandings to arise between the client and the development company in the early months of the project. The client may demand to see interim results sooner than agreed. He may start to doubt the productivity and skills of the developers. This happens because it is difficult for the customer to understand the technical subtleties of the development process, and it is difficult for the developer to visualise the intermediate or initial result. Agile methodologies provide an iterative approach to development, allowing you to get results in the early stages of the project. The IT company can show the customer intermediate results and part of the working functionality, as well as provide regular reports on the progress of the project.

More than code
Software developers are responsible for the end product and its functionality. The result of their work must be profitable, useful and reliable. An IT company that values its name will go further and not only create a useful product, but make it modern, memorable, provide functionality, create a user-friendly design and help with deployment.

You should not limit yourself to one option, it is better to interview several development teams. When forming a team, choose specialists with relevant experience. When ordering software development and discussing the idea of the application, it is important to specify who will work directly on the project. If the client has already worked with certain specialists or teams, it is possible to offer them opportunities for repeated cooperation.

The successful implementation of any project depends not only on the level of the developers, but also on the organisation of the work itself. The customers of BIZupLab Kft. know that the company's work is based on: transparency of relations, open communication, volume control, clear requirements to the team and the use of methods that allow to see the results of the work in the early stages of the project. BIZupLab Kft. tailors the most optimal technology stack for each request. Post-launch support+ and maintenance can ensure that the product runs smoothly. This approach helps to reduce the customer's fears and becomes a pledge of trust with the development team.
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