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Java is one of the most general-purpose programming languages. It is a multi-purpose, object-oriented language with strict typing. Java is not tied to any of the popular platforms. It can be used with equal success on Windows or Linux, iOS or Android. BizUPLab specialists explained the advantages and peculiarities of this programming language.

Where Java is used
Java is a leading server-side language. It has been used for development by tech giants such as Google and YouTube. Java has improved application security and scales well. As a result, it is widely used in the financial industry. Today, it is hard to imagine banking software written in any other language. Java is also in demand in e-commerce: Amazon, eBay and other online stores.

Java language: advantages and special features

Many mobile apps are written in Java. And although it has recently been overtaken by Kotlin on the Android platform, the majority of applications owe their origins to the Java language. As does the Android operating system itself. Uber and Netflix, which are well known, are examples.

Smart homes, smart washing machines, microwave ovens, coffee machines and many other household appliances are programmed in Java. It was originally used as a simpler alternative to C and C++. But today Java is used for more than just household appliances. For example, it is the software for cash machines and payment terminals. Dispatchers control the movement of aeroplanes using programmes written in Java. Even the Mars rover Spirit and many other spacecraft are programmed in this language.
Advantages of Java
Java is one of the top five most popular programming languages. Why is this? It may not seem as prominent as, say, JavaScript in front-end programming or C++ in system programming. But in fact the Java language is used everywhere.

To give a brief description, Java is an object-oriented language with strict typing. With its help it is possible to create applications with complex architecture but easy to support. Errors are detected at the compilation stage, which simplifies the development of large projects.

What's more, Java runs on almost any operating system and device. Java is a reliable, secure and universal premium language. Java also has backward compatibility - support for all previous versions of the language. This means that code written 20 years ago can be compiled and run today. This is what sets Java apart from many other languages. For these qualities, it is valued and loved by programmers.
Is Java difficult to learn?
It is easier to learn than C or C++. Because Java is a high-level language, you don't have to worry about memory management. At the same time, Java is not as easy to learn as PHP or PYTHON, which have freer typing and simpler syntax. If you don't want to learn your first programming language as quickly as possible, Java is a good choice. Its complexity is medium. You will need to master object-oriented programming, and this is an essential part of modern projects that require long-term support. Any programmer worth their salt should know object-oriented programming.

What can you write in Java? Almost anything:
- Android applications;
- Industrial applications;
- Desktop applications;
- «anking software;
- «igData software;
- Scientific software;
- Enterprise software;
- Web servers, web applications, application servers;
- embedded systems - from small chips to specialised computers.
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