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The Internet has become the obligatory meeting place between customer and business, brand and customer, user and developer. Since 2020, even small niche companies have realised that their survival depends on the web and, strange as it may sound, on mobile. Most have redesigned and adapted their websites and online shops for mobile devices. But even this was not enough!
The mobile app has become an extension of the 'online saga' and a privileged channel of communication. This particular communication tool helps to respond to new trends, retain customers, build loyalty and refine orders. If a business does not have a mobile app, it cannot take full advantage of what iOS or Android devices have to offer.

Mobile app development

Mobile devices and mobile apps
More than half of global web traffic today is generated by mobile devices. They are used to correspond, place orders, and manage bank accounts. The number of mobile applications is also growing every day. They are used both by companies that focus on mobile devices and those that need additional channels of promotion, marketing influence, reach and sales.
BizUPLab Kft. create mobile applications for different platforms using advanced technologies and proven approaches. Full mobile app development cycle includes: business analysis, UX/UI design, mobile application development from concept to launch, integration of the new product into the customer's infrastructure, further optimization and scaling.
Software development best practices
For a mobile app to work and bring profit it is essential that from the first steps of development a development company was fully immersed in the customer's business system, studied its market, analyzed customer potential and needs, reconstructed their way to the site, developed a customized development strategy.
BizUPLab Kft. applies best software development practices for iOS and Android, using Objective-C and Swift for Apple devices and Java and Kotlin for Google OS. Matches the frameworks and architectures used with each platform, thereby improving performance and maintainability.
Native, hybrid and industry standard
The customer may opt for native development, in which the application is created for a specific operating system. Or he may decide that his mobile application needs hybrid development. It combines some of the features of native and works with web apps, uses cross-platform and phone software. A cross-platform app is developed for two operating systems. The development company has to help the client choose the best option and the right solution.
Cross-platform development helps in adjusting targeting to different devices. This is done by creating a hybrid app that looks like a native app, has similar features and uses a common code base. For cross-platform mobile development BizUPLab Kft. uses React Native, Xamarin and Flutter. Today, these toolkits are the industry standard.
Minimum viable product (MVP)
In order to save resources, test the idea, and analyze the result, a low-cost, simplified version of a mobile app is created - the minimum viable product (MVP). MVP doesn't care about design, preferring functionality to ensure a quick launch and speed up testing processes. The result is quick product response and user feedback.
Development strategies from BizUPLab Kft.
Whether you are looking to develop a new mobile app or want to improve an existing app, BizUPLab Kft. will help you shape your project strategy based on your business goals, technical capabilities and market realities. We develop large-scale applications for all mobile device architectures. Even at the negotiation stage BizUPLab team offers the customer the best development strategy and the initial design concept of the future mobile application.
BizUPLab Kft. creates progressive web applications (PWAs), integrates mobile applications with wearable devices and creates mobile P2P applications for peer-to-peer payments.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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