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You've decided your business needs its own mobile app. Take your time! Let's get this straight. Developing your own mobile app is only worthwhile if it has a great user interface and there is always an adequate budget to build and maintain it in the long run.
An in-house mobile app keeps existing customers interested and loyal, while potential customers use it to find out about new and interesting opportunities, products and services, special offers and everything that can be offered both online and offline.
The mobile app keeps customers in touch in real time. They can use it to find out opening hours, addresses, routes and products.

Mobile app development technology

If you decide to create applications for a start-up to test the idea and its prospects, it is best to first develop a small "prototype" - an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) application. This will give you an idea of how the application can be scaled up and reduce the cost of further development. The concept of MVP validation includes methods to find out whether your app is needed by the market and whether people are willing to pay for it.
When designing a mobile application, BizUPLab carefully studies the UX/UI design, prepares documentation, develops the server part (backend), integrates the application with IT systems, provides technical support and assists in further development.
Marketers and designers BizUPLab conduct an analysis of such projects, taking into account the specifics of the customer's business. After developing and agreeing on the terms of reference, programmers start to develop a convenient and modern mobile application.
Incremental web applications development - from the general to the particular - allows BizUPLab create a basic functionality, improving it at all stages of development. This approach allows new components to be added incrementally and existing ones to be improved.
The application development process consists of six key steps.
1. Idea. Before ordering a project, the customer should clearly know the answer to the following questions. What problem will the app solve? For whom will it be oriented? What functions will be important? What similar applications already exist?
2. Design. Create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows users to navigate easily through the application.
3. Development. Writing clean code should be part of the work of a professional IT team. At the same stage, pre-testing begins.
4. Testing. Serious testing checks the quality of the application, detects all weaknesses, identifies faults.
5. Launch. Once an app is ready, it is registered and posted to well-known marketplaces (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).
6. Marketing. Serious development of a marketing strategy makes it possible to increase the popularity of a new application in a short period of time.
Developing a modern, functional and unusual mobile application is not as easy as it seems. It can only be done by an IT company that understands its practical application and perspective.
Working with a demo version is a special pride of BizUPLab. Due to flexible software development system and mandatory sprints, the customer is in control of the process from the beginning of work and can make changes at any stage.
BizUPLab develops cross-platform and native applications for: iOS (Objective-C/Swift platforms) and Android (Java/Kotlin platforms). Using a flexible approach, BizUPLab development teams write clean and stable code in React Native, Flutter, Swift for hybrid and wearable applications. We will advise you on MVP development.
BizUPLab uses multi-threading to implement complex tasks. During development our programmers measure and optimize the speed of all parts of the code and monitor RAM. The interface is developed taking into account current trends in mobile design.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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