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How and where do you store your customer information? Don't tell me you open Excel or Google Sheets when you add new data!

Let's go further. Every day we open a dozen programmes on our computers: for messenger communication, for scheduling tasks, for maintaining databases, for automating sales processes, for marketing. Lots of accounts, passwords to access - all of this is impossible to like. And, of course, someone has to pay for all this «office suite». What if you combined all the programs into a single product?

CRM + task manager. The new BIZupLab online service

BIZupLab Kft. develops collaboration software that can be integrated with other systems and services. It's very convenient to have everything you need at your fingertips. You do not need to switch from one program to another, understand the settings and remember the nuances of this or that service.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the CRM software market is one of the fastest growing in the world.
«The One Digital Workplace, developed by BIZupLab, is a platform that connects most small and medium-sized business workflows. It is a single product which combines CRM, messenger, task manager, video conferencing tools, business processes and other products. The new development allows to combine the work of a group of people in a single space.
«Single digital workplace».
The new platform includes several main components:
- CRM - a customer relationship management module that helps manage sales, orders and customer contacts.
- Messenger - a communication module that allows employees to exchange messages and files. Internal messenger allows you to correspond in chats, create group conversations, communicate in person.
- Task Manager - task management module which allows you to create, assign, monitor and edit tasks.
- Business Processes - business process management module that allows you to automate and optimize business processes within the company.

Task manager
The BIZupLab team is especially proud of the task scheduler which can integrate with the external services of Slack and Gmai. Customizable columns on virtual scrum and kanban whiteboards let you prioritize tasks, set due dates, add comments and track status. Task card settings allow for detailed ToRs and checklists to be added.
CRM system
A separate section is the internal CRM system. It allows you to track a transaction through all of its stages and store information about your clients. The software solution allows you to edit, sort and leave notes; create sales funnels and multifunnels; form and analyse analytics. The file with CRM data can be imported into and downloaded from the system.

"A single digital workplace" integrates most business processes. By integrating the different modules, users can quickly and easily switch between tasks and collaborate with each other.
The software solution, of course, has a smartphone app and can be integrated via an open API with Confluence, Bitbucket and Trello, creating a single environment for project management and team collaboration.

Choosing Java

The platform can be customized to meet specific business needs, reducing management costs and streamlining processes.
The new product is based on Java programming language. It is Java which allows you to create scalable and reliable applications which can run on different operating systems and hardware platforms. The availability of libraries and frameworks for Java simplifies the development process and facilitates further development and expansion of the platform functionality by adding new modules and integrating other systems.
BIZupLab Kft. provides technical support and customisation of the new product.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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