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A good website with a user-friendly interface, clear and simple, is essential for almost any business. Without new technology, it is no longer possible to use modern devices and advanced software. That's why UI and user experience design are so important. What is that?
We have all seen the phrase UI/UX at least once. They are essentially two parts of the same process. UI means user interface and UX means user experience. The combination of UI and UX ensures the best end result.

UI and UX. What is the difference?

User experience
UX is about collecting data and analysing it. It's not just about users' personal information, but also about how they interact with the product, what problems they encounter, what they think about how to improve it. All this information is collected so that we can clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the final product from the very first steps.
UX analysis is conducted not only after release, but at all stages of development. It is important to understand that UX reveals not only possible bugs or errors that may occur but also is responsible for usability, responsiveness and visual perception.
In other words, UX is testing a product from development to release. It is used to ensure the greatest possible comfort for the end user and to identify unknowing or unobvious problems in the interaction between the user and the product.
User interface
The user interface is the visible part of the software, hardware or other systems associated with a device that is used for communication. It is a means of user-program communication.
UI design defines exactly what the user's interaction with the hardware will look like. It actually consists of different elements, views and approaches. Any application or website, any computer programme or even a code-based device uses it. All visual components are in fact elements of UI design.
UI and product structure
In fact, the UI not only affects the fine visual details but also determines the entire communication structure of a product, both visible and hidden. For example, each application has a general look and feel, that is, how it should look to the end user. They also have a command line user interface, visible only at the coding level, which is mostly used by developers. The UI is their backbone.
UI design and its types
There are 5 main types of UI design, which differ in application, device, technical, operation and interaction principles. The BIZupLab team designs command line UI (CLI), graphical UI (GUI), touch screen UI (TUI), voice operated UI (VUI) and gesture based UI (GbUI).
BIZupLab uses Command Line UI as the underlying platform in most development projects, applications and programming software are also created in Command Line UI.
UI products from BIZupLab
For advertising or promotion, BIZupLab marketers create a single page landing page that maximizes the presentation of all key information you want to convey to the user. The rapid growth and development of mobile phones and the invention of smart phones have led to an increase in orders for touch screen and voice control UI.
Choosing the right UI and deciding which types of interaction with the user are best suited for which purposes is quite difficult for the non-specialist. Before we start, BIZupLab introduces all types of UI to the customer, selects the right one, which helps not only to save time and effort, but also to choose the best way to implement it.
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