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The decision to buy or order online is influenced by many factors. One of these is the user interface, or what the user sees on the screen. When interacting with digital products, as in life, the first impression is often the most important. Therefore, the main goal of the site's creators is to interest the user. And it literally takes a few seconds to achieve that goal. If a person cannot find the information they need quickly, they will go to your competitors.

Your website is your sales manager. A high level of usability shows that the company pays a lot of attention to making it convenient and comfortable for customers to use the Internet resource.

User Interface. Importance for e-commerce

What to look out for
What is the site's usability? It is a qualitative indicator of the comfort and convenience of the site. In other words, it is the feeling that your website evokes in the user. BizUPLab's specialists told us about some important aspects to consider when creating or optimising a website from a UX/UI point of view.

Speed. Slow websites annoy visitors. Therefore, the first point we highlight is the speed of the web resource. It strongly influences how much time a person spends on the site, how many pages they look at and whether they return.

Adaptability. The site should look the same on all devices: computer, phone, tablet, widescreen. But all devices should display the same content. Its design, fonts may change, some images may not be displayed, menus, navigation, etc. may be simplified, but the content should be the same everywhere.

The home page. This is usually the most visited page on the site. Its usability and design will determine whether the user will go further. Include a unique selling proposition, banners, capture forms, successful case studies, testimonials, etc. The home page should be designed to answer as many of your users' questions as possible.

Navigation. Start with the needs and tasks of your users. Sections such as "products in the same range", "buy this product too", "you may like", "other users buy" and other cross-sell and up-sell tools on the product map can not only make the user's life easier, but also increase the average check of the online shop. Give a person the ability to go from anywhere on the site to anywhere they like.

Convenient search. Site search is used by the most interested users. A flexible search system facilitates and speeds up the process of selecting a purchase, so it is important to optimise the work of the tool and make it as efficient as possible.
When we were working on the interface, we thought about a convenient full-text search, which allows you to search for goods on the basis of a partial match of the product name and item.

Filters. Give users the ability to quickly filter and find the product they want when navigating from the search engine. Add the ability to sort and filter items to narrow the search and shorten the user journey.
Quality UX/UI helps increase conversions
Optimising your website from a UX/UI perspective is important for increasing conversions. Your users will be happy, active, return to your brand and recommend it to others. This will increase both sales and profits. Investing in UX/UI design services therefore makes good business sense.

A website is the bridge between traffic (consumers) and product. Therefore, there are at least 3 reasons for companies to constantly optimise their website design:
- Increased sales. A website with a user friendly interface will convert more users into buyers for the same amount of traffic than a website with a poor usability.
- Higher search engine rankings. A site with a good user interface ranks higher in search engines and is more effective at attracting traffic.
- Increased user loyalty. By taking care of the customer, providing them with a user-friendly interface and quality online service, you increase brand loyalty.

BizUpLab creates interesting, intuitive and accessible interfaces that present all necessary and understandable information in a simple and accessible form. We create user-centred design so that the average user stays on the site as long as possible.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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