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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing business processes, transforming manufacturing operations, and connecting hardware and software. Businesses are creating new product lines based on IoT models.
IoT technology helps collect and analyze data from multiple sources in real time. This is a huge amount of data that is already being used in a variety of industries, getting constantly updated information about users, their interests, habits and preferences.
IoT has long been used not only by technology giants, but also by smaller companies that use the latest technology to grow their business. Data analysis helps companies adapt to change.

Why do businesses need IoT?

Insurance companies calculate premiums using IoT data on driving habits and patterns. Retailers plan purchases and in-store displays by capturing customer behavior using IoT. Marketers use IoT-based beacon technology to collect consumer information. IoT allows the tracking of processes that require constant monitoring. IoT-based sensors and cameras help automate and optimize complex manufacturing operations.
IoT and new business opportunities
IoT connects all objects surrounding humans into a single network. This system is first and foremost focused on results. The IoT user does not program actions, but sets a specific goal.
By implementing the IoT, businesses gain a clear competitive advantage:
- IoT increases productivity and efficiency;
- IoT solutions optimize workflows, save time, and reduce costs;
- IoT automatically collects and analyzes vast amounts of business-valuable data;
- IoT monitors devices in real time.
How does a business get started with IoT?
You've decided to transform your business and understand where you can implement IoT in your company today. Where do you start? For the transition to be painless and smooth, you need to have a clear understanding of what you will have to change throughout your business. It is important to set deadlines and adhere to them strictly.
Define the problem
During the first meetings with the customer, BIZupLab specialists define the terms of reference to understand what specific problem they want to solve with IoT.
The right infrastructure
Since IoT is the interconnection of devices, the reliability of the infrastructure is determined by the parameters of the equipment. BIZupLab coordinates with the customer the types of servers required for his business, selects the database and offers solutions for data storage. At this stage it is determined which software will be further used by the customer. LLC specialists can offer ready-made solutions or start developing original software to meet the customer's business requirements.
An important aspect of integrating IoT into a business is testing it. At this stage, it is necessary to find out how the upgraded hardware works. The variety of software, devices, and systems used in the IoT makes it difficult to find bugs and defects in IoT solutions. Testing is the best way to find out how well the IoT is integrated with all systems.
IoT technology connects multiple devices that primarily exchange data. When integrating IoT solutions into a business, you need to plan in advance for enhanced protection of sensitive information.
BIZupLab designs and implements high-level cybersecurity systems. With our IoT solutions you can modernize production processes, find new sources of revenue, increase customer engagement.
BIZupLab: developing customized IoT solutions
Understanding that every business is unique, BIZupLab develops and deploys customized IoT solutions that help control and distribute all company resources by combining data from different IoT devices. BIZupLab creates IoT applications with multiple layers of security for industrial plants, medical facilities, agriculture and logistics hubs.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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