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Working with large volumes of data, transferring and managing information that is in operational use or has been stored on company drives and servers for many years, is quite a complex task. BizUpLab will help you process and merge your business data from different sources and then integrate it for further storage and use.

Data processing and integration

Integration involves moving data between the individual applications and back again to synchronise them. Typically, each individual application transmits and receives data in its own way, and this data is moved in smaller volumes. Application integration is ideal for operational use. The latest API technologies enable the integration of data of different data types. The MySQL relational database management system helps optimise site and database management.
Every company uses or produces data in different volumes, formats and systems. Scattered, unsystematic data by itself means little, but its qualitative and professional analysis provides an overall picture and benchmark for any business.
Data integration is the process whereby data from different sources is collected in one centralised place. Such a repository must be flexible enough to be able to handle different types of data in large volumes.
We do the work of processing, reformatting, consolidating, transforming, cleansing and storing data both in the intermediate areas and in their repository. By reconstructing data, we can: filter, aggregate, summarise, apply business intelligence tools.
The MySQL relational database management system is used to manage, configure and maintain the databases. It is popular, flexible, easy to use and has a client-server architecture. We prepare all client information for transferring their data to the server and connecting it to third divaices.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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