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In order to organise efficient and user-friendly accounting as well as to automate business processes, it is important to properly design and implement customer relationship management systems (CRM) and functional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Development and integration of CRM, ERP systems

We develop software for resource planning and provide enterprise solutions for the management of large and small companies.
BizUpLab designs, develops and integrates CRM and ERP management systems in a comprehensive way. From large-scale implementation to customize, automate and support implemented business processes: accounting, financial reporting, payroll, employment, sales, customer service management, inventory management. And if you work in the manufacturing industry, these processes can also include design, engineering and delivery.
It is not uncommon for organisations, as they develop and expand, to acquire several disparate systems, each of which is used in different areas of the business and contains different customer information. This means that data about the same customer may contain completely different, outdated and irrelevant information. This can have a tangible and even fatal impact on both customer service and customer retention. The ideal software configuration and customisation helps you tailor your CRM to the way you want to manage your business and your team. We provide complete CRM/ERP solutions for company management, customer relationship management and data warehousing.
Our experts develop modern and versatile software solutions for the success of your business. It allows you to improve the allocation of your organisation's resources, collect and process business data through an integrated system in a common database, and conduct analysis and planning.
Using new system data security and innovative cloud solutions, BizUpLab develops an IT product that integrates all company data into a common base, integrating not only software but also all business tools. We do everything we can to protect customer data from duplication, unwanted changes, cyber-attacks and crashes as much as possible.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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