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Today's market is increasingly dependent on technology and digital solutions. Without constantly adjusting all business systems to the external environment, it has become impossible to stay ahead of the competition and lead the business.

Software testing and quality control

We offer comprehensive quality assurance services for applications developed by us, as well as applications that were created by your own teams or third parties. Our skilled QA team will improve your product, provide quality assurance, peer reviews and functional testing.
Automated UI and API tests of our development is able to reveal most of the problematic areas in your software and resolve the issues you face. The automation frameworks that our experts create can be deployed via Docker based on Java, Junit, JavaScript, Python, Pytest, Protractor, Cypress, Selenium and Appium. They are able to respond quickly not only to the most common, but also to rare bugs and requirements.
Our experts and analysts will ensure their proper implementation according to your needs and goals. We will tailor the most appropriate technologies for your project to detect any functional anomalies that may appear in each development iteration. This will save you the costs that could arise if the bugs associated with software development come too late.
We perform analysis, audit and evaluation of software quality, develop testing strategies, and automate continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. Our experts perform manual testing, batch testing, API testing, UX/UI testing, exploratory testing, availability testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), security testing and performance testing.
We help business people manage their resources efficiently and systematically achieve success.
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